Policies and Rules Adopted by the Clarence Football Club

Governance Requirements


In conducting day to day business the Club and players must be aware of and comply with all:-


  • Federal, state and local government laws and regulations;

  • Current AFL Laws of Australian Football;

  • AFL Tasmania Rules and Regulations;

  • Club Constitution; By-Laws; Policies and Rules – (refer below)

  • Accountability requirements set by the Club Board of Management

  • Directions from Cricket Tasmania as the head lessee at Bellerive Oval; and

  • Any other lawful directions or requirements that may arise from time to time


Club Policies


The following list reflects applicable major club policies that you need to be aware of but this is not an exhaustive list:-


Click on the following Policies and Rules to download a copy of the Policy or Rule:-

1a. Anti Doping Policy

1b. Anti Doping Message

1c. Anti Doping Code

2.  Risk Management Policy


3.  National Vilification and Discrimination Policy


4. Child Protection Policy


5.  Alcohol, Smoking and Illegal Drugs Policy


6.  Rules and Code of behaviour - Players and Support Staff


7.  Rules and Code of behaviour - Committee Members, Members, Official and Employees


8.  Gender Policy


9.  Player Injury Management Policy


10. Media and Public Comment Policy


11. Member Protection Policy


12. Racial and Religious Tolerance Policy


13. Mental Health Policy


14. Concussion Management Policy


15. Disability Policy


16. Privacy Policy


17. Coaches Code of Conduct Policy


18. Issue Resolution Policy


19. Team Selection Policy

20. Social Media Policy

21. Complaints Procedure Policy

22. Sports Trainer Policy

23. Saftey Transport Policy


24. Respect and Responsibility Policy.


25.  Gender Diversity Policy.

Club Constitution

Club Role Discription Documentation